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Not familiar with the Airsense 10, I have the Airfit P10 and it world fine. The box is rather big so it should accommodate the mask.

I purchased this CPAP cleaner for my Grandmom and she uses it every day to clean her CPAP parts.

Nothing extra, this CPAP cleaner all comes with the can work for cpap machine, the adapter is already included, so you haven't to buy additional adapters
Bought this item for my dad and he loves them. The wearer sleeps on his back,it can be used at night with leak proof.As a side and tummy sleeper, it is a little bit uncomfortable.
I would absolutely recommend this product.This is complete English package with English instructions.It is very easy to figure out how to set it up.
Obviously you can route it down inside of leg pants down to lower leg. You can adjust the tube length by modifying based on need.
It is not 100% leakproof but if used with a diaper it does help keep the patient dryer. I bet it will be a good resolution, because it has been a lot of help for me so I can get some sleep.
This was purchased for my elderly father.The waist longest for 110 cm, it fit 43" waist,it is washable for reuse,because it is silicone.The waist size is adjustable from 35-45 inches. And the tube can be modified with scissor cutting from 39 inches to any long you want.