Vastmedic External Female Urinary Catheter Kit

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Portable External Urinary Catheter Kit - Reusable Spill and Leak Proof Urine Collector System with Collection Bag and Wearable Elastic Waistband

Easy To Use And Setup Catheter.

This external urinary catheter is very easy to use and setup. It only requires a connection from the external catheter to the collection bag and then to the overnight bag.

Very Useful For Those With Urination Dfficulties.

Women who have problems controlling their urination can use this catheter for collecting their waste. It also helps doctors in measuring collected urine for diagnosis and medicine prescriptions.

Non-Invasive And Painless Urinal System.

There’s no need for insertion of painful devices to collect urine. This external catheter can be easily worn and does not cause any pain.

Secure Fit For Different Users.

The elastic band that comes with this package can fit almost any user and is very breathable. It can be adjusted accordingly depending on the comfort level of the user.

Reusable And Hygienic.

The silicone bag can be reused after being cleaned properly. The collecting bag can hold up to 2 Liters which can be emptied easily for the next use.

Package Contents:

- Silicone external catheter
- Size adjustable underwear
- Drainage tube
- 2 Liter collection bag


How to Use:

1. Place the triangle cotton cloth in front of the lower abdomen.
2. Put the allantoic on the vulva, and the small protrusion at the lower end of the allantoic should be placed in the anal depression. This product is designed according to the human body curve to prevent the occurrence of urine leakage in female patients. You should pay special attention to this.
3. Waist belt: The waist circumference can be used in the size of 38-74 Inches. The rear sling is wrapped from behind to the sides of the belt. Adjust the buttonhole to the appropriate position according to the size of the leg.
4. The urine storage bag is hung by the bed. After the urine storage bag is full, open the lower cross valve in time to discharge.
5. The urine bag is fixed to the proper position of the leg when going out, suitable for traveling.
6. Humanized curve design to avoid urine leakage. The silicone funnel exhaust port is a switch-type design, which can be opened, closed, or flushed as needed.


Type Men Women

Waist Size(cm/inch)

 90-115 / 35-45      
90-115 / 35-45     
Urinal Diameter(cm/inch)  
4 / 1.6     
9*7 / 3.5*2.8  
Catheter Length(cm/inch)  
110 / 43     
110 / 43   

Bag Capacity(ml)




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