Home Test Must-Have! Touch-Free Forehead Thermometer

Home Test Must-Have! Touch-Free Forehead Thermometer

Touch-Free Forehead Thermometer

The body temperature of a person tells important details of what’s going on inside the body. Doctors and medical practitioners commonly measure the internal as well as external body temperature to know about different sorts of ailments. This measured temperature leads to the diagnosis of the presence of fever.

It is thus vital to accurately read body temperature by a precise tool. The device used to measure the temperature is called a thermometer. This article aims to highlight and explain the importance of reading body temperature and its usefulness in diagnosing diseases.

Normal Body Temperature

The normal average body temperature is 37o C, or 98.6o F.1Our body must maintain this normal body temperature to function properly. In particular, body’s enzymes, proteins involved in all metabolic processes of the body, need the optimum temperature to be able to catalyze biochemical reactions. High temperatures can denature them and thus deranging bodily functions.2


Why must body temperature be checked regularly?

Checking the body temperature with a thermometer on a regular basis must be ensured to see if fever is present or not. A fever is mostly caused by an underlying infection. Although fever makes one uncomfortable, yet it is a sign that the body is trying to fight off the infection. Thus, it is necessary to check your body temperature.3

The best current thermometer: Touch-Free Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Gone are the days of old analog glass thermometers that contained mercury in them. Although those thermometers helped a lot, they now are considered hazardous because of the risk of glass breakage and mercury spillage. Now is the era of digitalization and thus, this digitalization has led to the development of infrared thermometers. They are also widely known as contactless or touch-free thermometers.

Features of Infrared Forehead Thermometer

An infrared forehead thermometer is full of features that make it popular nowadays. It is becoming more and more trendy because:

  • DIY feature: You can take your temperature on your own accurately and hassle-free. There is no need for any expertise for the proper use of this thermometer.
  • Safe to use: It is safe and non-invasive as it uses only invisible infrared rays.
  • Contactless: There isn’t any kind of need for this thermometer to make its contact with the body.
  • Most accurate of all: The accuracy of the infrared thermometer is far better than the other available digital thermometers that need contact with the body to be able to get temperature readings.
  • Fast and quick: The best feature of this is that you get readings in just 1 second. Yes! That’s true and unbelievably awesome.4
  • 2 units reading:You can take the reading in any unit you want. Mostly, Celsius and Fahrenheit are used both of which can be found in infrared forehead thermometer.
  • Lightweight and portable: It is a very handy and lightweight device that can be transported anywhere you want. Moreover, because of its plastic build, it does not break like the old glass thermometers.
  • Storage of readings:It possesses a storage card in it that stores all the data of temperatures. This is helpful as you can keep track of the fluctuations in your body temperature, and your doctor can easily use this data for making a diagnosis.
  • LCD display:LCD display is another prominent feature of this thermometer.
  • Fever indicator setting:If your body temperature is above the normal range, this means that you have fever, and you can set your infrared forehead thermometer to make a warning sound when you have a fever.


Benefits of using Infrared Forehead Thermometer

Having said about the features of an Infrared Forehead Thermometer, you would have already guessed its great benefits. Forehead thermometers are a gentle way to get a reading of anyone’s temperature. The benefits of using such a thermometer are:

  • These may be used to reduce the risk of cross-contamination between different individuals and minimize the likelihood of spreading germs.
  • Non-contact infrared thermometers are easy to use with the advantage of the cleaning and disinfecting effortlessly.


How must Touch Free Infrared Forehead Thermometers be used?

The person using this thermometer must first read the manufacturer’s guidelines and then strictly follow them for proper usage. Although the usage of infrared thermometers varies from type to type, yet following guidelines remain the same for each and every:

  • As the environment in which thermometer is being used impacts the performance greatly, it is thus advised to use it out of the direct sun or near radiant heat sources.
  • Clean the test area of the forehead and dry it. There shouldn’t be any kind of clothing in between the thermometer and forehead.
  • Hold the thermometer’s sensing area perpendicular to the forehead and make sure the person remains stationary during the measurement.5


A non-contact Infrared Thermometer is an important tool during COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of this thermometer has become very much. It is due to the fact that this doesn’t require to be touched with the body.  Moreover, checking the fever status of a huge crowd of corona-suspected persons requires a device that is reliably fast and that’s where non-contact forehead thermometers played a vital role. Almost every doctor is now using this thermometer to check whether a person is having fever or not. If the thermometer indicates fever, the person is suspected of having coronavirus infection. All of this is just done within seconds.6

Many restaurants, theatres, and shopping malls are using infrared thermometers for screening the persons for coronavirus infection. They are being used in mass screening and have played a major role during this COVID-19 pandemic.

The Bottom Line

Touch-free/Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometers are fast and accurate devices for measuring body temperature. This thermometer is being used by every doctor for the screening of corona-infected patients and you can also use it to check yourself. Vastmedic provides you the best thermometer by the name of Alertcare Non-contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer, which possesses all the above-mentioned features and provides the benefits you want. Moreover, it is available at a very low price. So why waiting still? Just buy it and know about your fever status and screen yourself for coronavirus infection.


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