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How Do Incontinent Person Feel When Diapers Soiling In Public

Having incontinence or accidental leaking of urine is not easy especially on times that we need to stay out in public areas. It seems hard living a normal life when you have diapers soiling and soaking all day. We asked some people on how they feel about this sensitive matter as this is important to know especially when we have friends and family members who are experiencing the same situation and here are some answers we have got:


“As a boy, I was totally incontinent until I was almost 14 years old and I had soiling accidents every day - usually several times every day. I was teased a lot by the other children at school because I was in diapers. They didn’t want to play with me. Also, many adults tried to avoid me because I was in diapers. To be close to a small child in a dirty diaper can be a very challenging experience for many adults - but if it is a 10 years old boy it becomes unbearable to most people.

Because of this situation, I was very embarrassed about soiling my diaper but my reactions to this were stupid and I behaved like a small child. Usually, I didn’t say to anyone that I had had an accident in my diaper. I just tried to hide it and continued to play as if nothing had happened - and often with the result that my diaper leaked. If somebody asked me I denied very hard that I had soiled my diaper even if it was obvious to everyone that I was running around with a big load in my diaper.”

- S.Mikkelsen


That was an overview of what a small boy experience in case you are mom wondering how was your child at school. Here are more of sentiments about the matter:


“I am an incontinent adult that wears his diapers in public. You really don't have any choice when you have to go. You just end up soiling your diapers. I try not to bring any attention to the fact I have just wet and messed my diapers. I can’t help it. Hopefully, I am not too stinky while I am in my wet and soiled diapers. I will be wearing them until I can get changed. It really doesn't bother me too much. I am used to toting around a load in my diaper.”

- W. Saldo.


“I, like most people, feel relieved when I poop in my diapers. I do feel a slight amount of embarrassment because I know I smell. But I just try to get to a restroom, so I can get myself properly changed and cleaned, and hope that the "poop wind" I am spreading, doesn't offend the nose of too many people. It's really not that big of a deal. Most of the time I know when I've soiled, so I can just walk to the bathroom and change my pants. Other times I have no warning. I'll just be walking around a store and a strong smell will reach my nose, which tells me it's time for a change.”

- B. Matheson


We think all must be aware that this problem might be a part of anyone’s future life, and that we should never feel ashamed of natural ways our bodies let us down as time goes. That is simply a natural thing and a part of our lives, so not being bothered is actually a contribution to make people more aware that these are delicate, but normal matters, deserve the proper amount of respect and understanding.


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Jorg Nesbit

Jan 02, 2021 at 16:57

I am bladder incontinent for many many years. I wear adult diapers 24/7 and will continue this forever. Advertisements put allot of attention that only old people wear diapers or if you are younger, you must have cognitive issues.

I take the positive attitude about wearing adult diapers everyday. I feel confident and I don’t worry if others can see my diaper outline in my clothes.

I am blessed and wearing diapers is supporting the jobs of the many medical suppliers.

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