Top Reasons On Why To Clean Your CPAP Accessories Regularly

Top Reasons On Why To Clean Your CPAP Accessories Regularly

Regular cleaning of CPAP accessories is really a must to ensure the device functions properly. Keeping it as clean as possible is a vital aspect from the hoses, tubes, and masks to avoid mold and bacteria build-up and more complications we can ever think of. We have listed them for you:

Avoid Re-infection

We are using the CPAP to cure from being sick but if you don’t clean your CPAP mask and keeps on using it every time the risk of re-infection is very high. Rather than getting better from time to time it can even get worse.

Decreased Risk Of Colds & Infections

What doesn’t get you sick today could quickly make you ill tomorrow if you don’t clean your mask regularly, germs and bacteria build-up is common for CPAP accessories since it touches our mouth and nose. You can avoid, further infection and risk of colds so you need to get into cleaning CPAP accessories on a regular basis it will also allow the device to smell better, look better, and be more effective

For Cleaner Air To Breathe In

What you breathe in from your CPAP goes directly into your lungs! Clean air is critical to have successful treatment. We won’t allow germs, dust, bacteria or allergens within the therapy. There are two surefire ways to ensure you’re limiting the number of harmful irritants in your therapy air: Change your filters regularly and clean your CPAP mask, hose, and humidifier chamber regularly.

More health issues associated with the use of dirty CPAP equipment include:

  1. Respiratory Infections- pharyngitis, laryngitis, otitis media, sinusitis, the common cold/influenza
  2. Sinus Infections- that may take entire weeks of antibiotic treatment in order to fully cure
  3. Pneumonia- an inflammation of the air sacs in either one or both the lungs. Pneumonia implies difficulty in breathing, chills, fever, coughing with phlegm and other complications
  4. Cough- even a common cough can be extremely annoying. You cannot sleep well or perform your everyday tasks because of a cough that could last even up to 6 weeks
  5. Pneumonitis- inflammation of the lung tissues. It is a noninfectious case of lung inflammation, but it could take several weeks of treatment in order to become fully cured.
  6. Acne, soreness, peeling skin- all these irritations might be easily caused by a dirty mask. The skin cells and oils that collect on your mask can be easily absorbed by your skin leading to all sorts of breakouts and irritations. If you notice that your skin is read, itchy, covered by acne or breakouts it is definitely time to thoroughly disinfect your mask.
  7. Allergic reactions- sneezing, irritations of the eyes, headaches, throat or nose irritation. All these might be signs of an allergic reaction, and this also means the reaction might be caused by dirty CPAP equipment. Bacterial or fungal infections need to be treated with antibiotics.

We know cleaning it daily, weekly and monthly following all these steps are quite a hassle so we have researched a better and much easier way to keep the hygiene of your CPAP. We come to a great product known as CPAP Cleaner & Sanitizer. This uses a UV/Ozone cleaning methods comes with this fast and easy to use CPAP materials cleaner. The one-touch operation features a light that turns on when the disinfection cycle starts and automatically shuts off after 5 minutes of use. It is easy to use yet very safe for us and also for taking care of your CPAP machines. This may sound much techy but this CPAP cleaner by VastMedic is very affordable. You can check the product if ever you would love to try the easiest way to upkeep your CPAP to help you breathe better for a longer time. Remember that just a few minutes a day can help keep your CPAP running efficiently for years to come.


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